Our Values

our values

Immerse yourself in BOCHE universe, where our values have built the strong foundation on which our commitment to excellence is based. Through our 3 deeply rooted engagement that define our identity and shape our daily approach, discover how Comfort, Protection and Innovation intertwine to create a unique experience, where each pair of shoes is much more than just PPE for our Firefighters customers. 

Optimal Comfort

Optimal Comfort

At BOCHE, our commitment to improve comfort transcends all missions. Whether for rescue interventions, firefighting or various operations, we understand the crucial importance of ensuring that each individual can move without the slightest concern.

Our shoes are specially designed to provide optimal comfort, allowing professionals to be fully concentrate on their mission without any discomfort. 


a reliable protection
for all the Firefighters activities

A reliable protection for all the Firefighters activities


Equipped with high-performance technology, BOCHE footwear are synonymous with versatility and unfailing durability. Much more than just a shoe, our boots are your unwavering allies at all times.

We understand that protection is essential in situations where robustness and reliability are imperative. That’s why every pair of BOCHE shoes is designed to provide exceptional protection, ensuring the safety and well-being of those standing on the front lines.

The impact-resistant fiberglass toecap goes well beyond standard requirements in term of shock and crush. BOCHE offers two types of anti-puncture midsole, in stainless steel for complete protection against puncture or in textile, more flexible and undetectable by security gates. With BOCHE, you are equipped to face the most extreme situations. 

Advanced Innovation

Advanced Innovation

At BOCHE, innovation is the heart of our approach. Being at the forefront of research means that we enable everyone to accomplish their missions in the best possible conditions.

We continually invest in research and development to incorporate technological advances into the design of our shoes.
Thus, our products constantly push the limits of performance, offering professionals innovative solutions that meet the highest demands.

With BOCHE, you are equipped with the latest technology, guaranteeing maximum efficiency during each mission.