Our commitments

Our commitments

BOCHE precision and French know-how are the guarantors of quality and perfectly meet standards in terms of safety and compliance. 

Quality Commitment

Quality Commitment

All BOCHE models are controlled and standardized by the CTC to certify you with quality shoes.

All firefighters' footwear meets the EN 15090: 2012 standard.
The European standard EN 15090 defines the quality requirements for firefighters boots.

BOCHE sees its quality reinforced by various certifications and labels:



The Directorate General for Civil Security and Crisis Management (DGSCGC) has created the French civil security label which embodies compliance with national standards and respect for quality and sustainability criteria.

The rules for awarding and using the label are published on the website of the Ministry of the Interior. 



Part of the BOCHE range is labeled by UAF (used by the French armies) types A and C, heights B, C and D:

Firefighters boots
Tactical shoes

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The textiles and materials used to design the shoes are certified by the OEKO-TEX® standard. 

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Through a voluntary and innovative approach, the company formalizes its safety management approach thanks to INNOSHOE®.
Which firstly involves following specifications which update regulatory developments every six months. Secondly, it ensures supplier relations, which establishes a regular and lasting dialogue on the topic of safety with suppliers and subcontractors.

The safety charter also ensures control campaigns by selecting representative materials to be tested and identifying the substances to be searched for in these materials. Recently, the INNOSHOE® approach makes it possible to manage non-compliance. When you find the word INNOSHOE® affixed to a shoe, this indicates that you are in possession of a product whose manufacturing process respects the strictest health regulations and whose elements which go into its manufacture respect all these standards.

The INNOSHOE® charter sets up a series of rules so that you can buy shoes with complete confidence.

Social and Solidarity

Social and Solidarity


Voluntarily and outside the legal framework, the BOCHE company is committed to a humanitarian and ecological approach which consists of sorting boxes and papers to donate them to SOLIDARITE SANS FRONTIERES as well as lending their truck to allow the association to carry out humanitarian actions around the world.

Example: in Laos with ENFANTS DU MEKONG or even; to build schools in Afghanistan with AFRAN. 


Through the same process, BOCHE makes a donation to the POMPIERS DE L'URGENCE INTERNATIONALE association, which aims to help populations and victims of natural and humanitarian disasters by sending emergency aid, training and prevention. and raising awareness in the area of natural risks. 


Through donations to EMMAÜS, BOCHE company helps to fight poverty and all forms of exclusion.

This approach is part of a social and economic approach. 


Membership in the ECO TLC program allows BOCHE to contribute financially to the French recycling and waste treatment program.

This membership therefore meets the obligations of article L 541-10-3 of the environmental code. 

CSR commitment

CSR commitment

Responsible Waste Management with BOCHE: Contributing to a Sustainable Future 

At BOCHE, we strongly believe in our responsibility to the environment, and this is reflected in our approach to waste management.

We are committed to sustainable practices throughout the life cycle of our products, from design to end of life. 

Not only do we reduce our environmental footprint by avoiding waste, but we also help support local craftsmanship and encourage the circular economy.

Waste collection and/or disposal method


Thanks to a shoe donation, BOCHE is involved with LA COLPORTEUSE, which collects intervention shoes for exclusively leisure purposes. 


The BOCHE company entrusts REMONDIS FRANCE with a collection and elimination of hazardous waste service. 


The removal and collection of dumpsters is done by the company LOCA RECUPER of belongings to be buried, recyclable and non-recyclable waste. 

Logo Poreva

We collaborate with POREVA (interior layout and decoration) to give a second life to our leather scraps.
POREVA creates decorative elements from our leather scraps: wall coverings, furniture coverings, graphic creations, shapes and other tailor-made elements.

BOCHE actively integrates environmentally friendly practices into all stages of its operational process.

Together, let's help preserve our planet for future generations.