How to keep
firefighter shoes in shape

How to keep firefighter shoes in shape

Firefighter shoes are essential equipment to ensure your daily safety and comfort during your physical preparation and interventions. To ensure their effectiveness and durability, it is important to take care and polish them.

Follow our advice to preserve your pair of shoes and maximize their performance.

Avoid excessive humidity
and store them properly

Humidity after operations can damage the leather and alter the comfort of the shoes. Be sure to dry them properly after using them in wet conditions.

  • No drying next to a direct heat source (avoid sliding them under the radiator, for example)
  • Open the shoe zippers wide for a maximum ventilation
  • Let your shoe dry naturally, in the open air

The use of a drying and disinfecting cabinet is possible, and even recommended.

Avoid piling up your shoes or placing them under heavy objects that could alter their shape. Place them on a flat surface, preferably on their soles, to maintain their natural shape. Avoid leaving them lying down, as this could cause unwanted deformations.



Clean and polish
the leather regularly

Nettoyez et cirez régulièrement le cuir de vos chaussures Pompiers

Regular cleaning and polishing are essential to preserve leather flexibility and prevent cracking. Use cleaning products appropriate for your type of leather.

Through a meticulous polish and wipe, firefighter will testify the deep respect he has for his uniform and for those he is called to serve.
But these boots aren't just an element of distinction. They are an essential safety instrument in the firefighter's arsenal.
With a rigorous maintenance, they provide protection and essential barrier against external elements.

BOCHE, manufacturer of firefighter footwear, offers various maintenance products for your boots and tactical shoes:

  • solvent-free black cream compatible with leather and membrane, available in 500ml and 1000ml pots, or in 75ml tubes with applicator pad
  • horsehair paddle brushes
  • polishing brush.

Monitor regularly
and repair promptly

Inspect your shoes regularly to detect wear or damage signs. By following our simple but effective tips, you can extend the lifetime of your firefighter shoes and ensure they remain in tip-top condition to meet your job requirements.

Investing in a regular maintenance of your shoes is the perfect way to guarantee your safety and comfort during your interventions.


For more advice regarding firefighting equipment maintenance, do not hesitate to follow our tips.