Footwear Maintenance and Repair Guide
for Firefighters

Footwear Maintenance and Repair Guide for Firefighters

As a professional dedicated to protect others, you understand the crucial importance of keeping your equipment in tip-top condition, and footwear is no exception.
Firefighter shoes are subjected to extreme conditions, from intense heat to corrosive chemicals environment.

Here are some essential tips to ensure the durability and optimal performance of your shoes. 



At BOCHE, we recommend to carry out maintenance of your shoes after each daily use. 

  • Remove any dirt, mud or particles that could compromise the integrity of the materials.
  • Use suitable products: Choose specific cleaners for Firefighter shoes. Avoid products that are too aggressive, as they could damage used materials. 


  1. Wipe the surface with a damp cloth and a cleaning product to remove any dirt that may be trapped. 

  2. Moisturise the leather: Apply a cream composed of wax, water and potentially tainted to maintain flexibility and prevent dryness degradation. 

  3. Leave to dry in ambient air, away from any heat source (radiator, etc.) 

  4. Polish with a dry cloth 

  1. Clean with lukewarm water and scrub with a soft brush.

  2. Rinse and let dry.

OrthoLite® insoles, in BOCHE shoes, represent a crucial element for the comfort and support of your feet.
Thanks to their advanced design, these insoles provide exceptional cushioning while promoting air circulation, helping to keep your feet dry and comfortable.

To extend their lifespan and maintain optimal hygiene, it is recommended to remove the insoles regularly to allow moisture to evaporate more quickly and to wash them. This simple process eliminates unwanted odors and prevent bacteria spread.

By caring for your insoles in this way, you will not only maximize the comfort of your Boche shoes, but you will also act to preserve their long-term performance. 

Protection over chemicals :
Apply protective spray to repel water and chemicals, you will improve shoe resistance to corrosive material.

Regular inspection 

Check the seams: Inspect the seams regularly to ensure they are intact. Faulty stitching can compromise the waterproofness of your shoes. 

Check the outsole for wear. A worn sole can compromise grip. 




Meet environmental issues is a challenge that needs to combine innovation and sustainability.

BOCHE contributes to this challenge through daily actions, but also by offering shoe reconditioning and repair solutions.

It is possible to have the sole redone as the original one keeping investment costs under control within a long term dimension.

Extend your shoes lifetime : they are repairable! 

Want to give a second life
to your BOCHE shoes?

It’s possible with our maintenance and repair service.
Repairs can be carried out at a shoemaker's or in our workshop.

By following these tips, you will guarantee the longevity and performance of your Firefighter shoes.

Remember, well-maintained shoes are essential to keep you safe.
Stay vigilant, stay protected.