Expertise recognized by the Fire Brigade

ExperTise recognized by the Fire Brigade

Whatever the type of intervention, rescuing people, facing fire or various operations, our Firefighter customers know that they can count on BOCHE expertise for the comfort, protection and quality of their safety shoes for service and training. 

Innovation and development

Innovation and development

With both Innovation & Development center and integrated Design office, BOCHE teams imagine and design all our models combining protection, comfort and daily safety for users.

Thanks to prototypes developed each year, BOCHE has established itself as the essential equipment supplier for firefighters and civil protection actors. 


Precursor and LeadeR

Precursor and leader

A pioneer in its field, notably through the launch of its range with a fiberglass toecap instead of a metal one, BOCHE adapts development as closely as possible to fiefighters needs and expectations to manufacture safety shoes. 

Perfecting its expertise for nearly 35 years, BOCHE supplies a significant part of the SDIS (French Departmental Fire and Rescue Services) as well as the BSPP (Paris Fire Brigade) and the BMPM (Marseille Marine Fire Battalion), that has made BOCHE the leader manufacturer of intervention shoes on the French Fire Brigade market. 

Placing high requirements at the heart of its production, BOCHE company offers a complete range in compliance with the French Civil Security label. This range also complies with european standards and ensures great reliability for BOCHE shoes.

Moreover, BOCHE is a pathfinder with the INNOSHOE® approach aimed at increased safety of its articles through tests going beyond normative requirements for better protection of users. 

The technologies integrated
into BOCHE Shoes

The technologies integrated into BOCHE Shoes

In permanent contact with our users, BOCHE continues to innovate: 

BOA® Fit System

The BOA® Fit System delivers microadjustable, precision fit engineered to perform in the toughest conditions.

BOA® is redefining the future of fit.

Varying in size, design, and user interface, BOA® dials fine-tune fit with precision, allowing for quick adjustments and peak performance.

The workhorse of the BOA® Fit System, BOA® laces routinely tolerate the toughest environments and field tests, and are expertly configured for precision and performance.

Lace guides replace traditional eyelets and the deficiencies that come with them. BOA® lace guides function to minimize friction and distribute even closure.

The components of the BOA® Fit System are tested under the toughest conditions and dial and laces are covered by the BOA® Lifetime Guarantee.


Soles by MICHELIN® outsoles 

Based on user needs, BOCHE and Soles by MICHELIN® work hand in hand to create and develop the best possible combination of rubber compound, tread paSern and expertise.

Each sole is uniquely co-developed between Soles by MICHELIN® and BOCHE to meet specific user needs. 

MICHELIN - semelle pompiers


Adhesion – Flexibility – Traction 

• Massive sculptures for durability

• Safety lock (specific heel angle of 4° to keep the foot in natural position on an obstacle)

• Sipes/ridges provide adaptability on lateral movements

• Wide tread pattern increases grip

• Large grooves for liquid drainage 

MICHELIN - semelle s‚curit‚


Adhesion – Water evacuation – Light weight – Stability – Flexibility 

• Massive heel tread for durability

• Sculptures designed to support and protect the arch of the foot high grooves for evacuation of liquids increased radius at the base

• Self-cleaning lamella pattern for grip

• Interlocking design for progressive grip

• Massive toe design to reduce wear

ORTHOLITE - semelle boche


Each ORTHOLITE® foam incorporates 5% recycled rubber, thus contributing to the reduction of waste dumped in landfills by several tons each year. In terms of long-term cushioning, ORTHOLITE® insoles stand out with less than 5% compression clearance over time, ensuring that comfort and fit remain consistent inside the shoe, providing an experience maximum at each use. 

Furthermore, the exceptional breathability of ORTHOLITE® insoles is ensured by the open-cell PU foam, which allows air circulation ranging from 95% to 100%. This feature keeps the foot cool inside the shoe. ORTHOLITE® insoles are also machine washable, returning to like-new condition with every wash without compromising their performance benefits. 

Thanks to their lightness, ORTHOLITE® insoles improve the performance of shoes while providing ventilated comfort. Additionally, the unique open-cell structure promotes effective moisture management, wicking excess moisture away from the foot to create a cooler, drier and healthier environment inside the shoe. 

SYMPATEX® Membrane

Safety and performance also require comfort. This is why the SYMPATEX® membrane is essential to the design of our intervention shoes. 

Beyond the comfort that SYMPATEX® provides, the ecological and circular approach is just as beneficial. In fact, the SYMPATEX® membrane is made up of 15% recycled materials:

• Optimal microclimate in the shoe, particularly during extreme physical activities.

• Removal of the unpleasant sensation of humidity by accelerated transport of perspiration from the foot to the outside

Quicker drying of the lining in case of extreme humidity

Reduction of odors and the appearance of blisters

• Very comfortable to wear and dry feet for maximum performance in variable weather conditions

SYMPATEX® guarantees its membrane: 

• Without PTFE or PFAS
• Label Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX®
• Bluesign® approved

D3O Logo

D3O® absorption

D3O® is a patented technology used to absorb shock.

Smart material that absorbs shock and does not sag when exposed to external force. The molecular network structure effectively disperses force to the sides. D3O® can be used in extreme cold as well as high temperatures.

D3O® absorbs and dissipates energy from impacts, reducing the amount of force transmitted to your body compared to standard foams.