Retro Reflective and Photoluminescent on BOCHE Shoes

Retro Reflective and Photoluminescent parts on BOCHE Shoes

Safety is a priority, especially for those working in low visibility conditions or hazardous environments. BOCHE shoes incorporate two types of technologies to improve visibility and safety: retro-reflective and photoluminescent.

Here's how to understand how these two technologies work.

Retro Reflective

Retro reflective is a material designed to reflect any light ray in the direction of its source. BOCHE shoes use glass microbeads on a flame-resistant support in accordance with standard EN 469: 2015.

Technique used

Glass Beads: With high performance capabilities, glass beads are commonly used by BOCHE for their superior retro-reflective properties. They effectively reflect light back to the source, making them visible even from high distances.


The retro-reflective effect works without an internal energy source or accumulation process. When a light, such as car headlights, illuminates shoes, luminosity is automatically reflected back to that source. This helps to distinguish the reflective strips before even seeing the objects or people they indicate.

For example, the retro-reflective strips on a safety jacket are visible in the dark thanks to the reflected light of the headlights. This ensures immediate and effective visibility.

JOKER V3 AR - montage


Photoluminescent, refers to a material able to accumulate light and release in the dark. It contains specific pigments that absorb light and slowly re-issue it.



  • Fire Evacuation Signage: Photoluminescent pictograms are widely used to indicate evacuation path in case of a power outage or the presence of smoke. They remain visible in the dark.
  • Safety of firefighters: The integration of photoluminescent parts on BOCHE few models contributes to the safety of firefighters. In the event of an evacuation, these “Glow in the dark” elements enable to identify people quicker.


For the light effect to be perceptible, prior exposure to a direct light source is necessary. A few minutes under daylight are enough to "recharge" the photoluminescent pigments.

Once charged, they can glow in the dark for a period of time, ensuring visibility without an external light source.



By day

Retro Reflective

retro reflechissant


photo luminescent

In the dark

retroreflechissant nuit
photoluminescent nuit

Energy source

No need to have internal power source

Requires prior exposure to a light source.

Brightness Duration

Reflects light in the direction of the source

Glows in the dark after being "charged", but for a limited time.

Ideal Applications

Environments with moving light sources (such as car headlights).

Situations where continuous light is necessary even without light source (exemple : power outage).

BOCHE models equipped with technology

  • JOKER V2
  • JET V2 AR
  • JET V3 AR
  • LOXO
  • LOXO HIGH Protect

BOCHE shoes use both retro-reflective and photoluminescent materials to maximize safety and visibility.
The choice between these two technologies depends on the specific conditions of the working environment.

Retro-reflective strips are ideal for environments with moving light sources, while photoluminescent elements are essential for situations requiring visibility in total darkness.

By combining these two technologies, BOCHE ensures optimal protection for its users.